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Although commonly known for his futuristic ideas, Craig Green is living in the present. For now. With his fifth iteration of 5 Moncler Craig Green, he focused on the immediacy of our natural surroundings, what it means to be in harmony with them, and how we should move that forward.
‘In our previous Moncler collections, the focus was often looking at the future and ideas of transformation, evolving and adapting to our changing environment. But this collection is about what is already here, and how we can exist right now in the natural environment we have around us. It’s about embracing the possibilities within the natural world to propel us forward.’
A return to nature and a profound need for adventure shapes the collection. Windbreaker jackets with ergonomic padding and functional garments that are engineered for the elements. Keeping practicality and wearability firmly in mind, he devises items that are engaging and suggestive whilst favoring shapes connected to the realms of utility and uniform.
The design language Craig has created over five seasons with Moncler is based on technical innovation, functionality and a sense of the ineffable. This season’s collection is a forward-looking take on clothing for the outdoors and for delving into nature.
Says the designer, ‘It’s about the energy and exhilaration you get from being outside, the possibilities and potential of the natural world, where life began and where we are meant to be.’