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Craig Green Unveils New Moncler Outlet Genius Collection

Functional clothing reaches new heights in the deft hands of British fashion designer Craig Green. In his latest collection for Moncler Genius, 5 Moncler Craig Green, he brings a unique take on how to dress for exploring outdoors. Green mixes bold and neutral colors and uses high-tech fabrics to simple menswear staples like a uniform jacket. He speaks to about the new collection. 

The new collection is designed for exploration

Where did the inspiration behind the new monogram shape come from? 

Moncler’s logo is a continuous shape, almost like the link from a chain. We wanted to build from this existing logo and extend the graphic lines to create something new while celebrating and maintaining the graphic’s iconic shape. I have always loved graphics that explain or demonstrate natural systems, where everything is linked together or knotted into a perfect structure. We looked a lot at the format and patterns created from safety ropes and knots used in mountaineering. I love the idea of traditional systems that work so perfectly that they have never needed to be changed or replaced.

Green says, ″There is a positivity in the monogram’s continuous flow, which gives a feeling of new possibilities, and the potential that can be found in nature.″

There is a positivity in the monogram’s continuous flow, which gives a feeling of new possibilities, and the potential that can be found in nature. Some people see it resembling a human figure or an animal like a frog or a platypus. This links well to the ideas in the collection, as all are species that have the ability to exist across different habitats.

The collection is inspired by nature. Are there any places in particular? 

The starting point for this spring/summer 21 collection for Moncler came from looking at garments for adventure. It’s about clothing which is made for being in nature, encouraging us to be outdoors. In our previous Moncler collections, the focus was often looking at the future and ideas of transformation, evolving, and adapting to our changing environment. But this collection is about what is already here, and how we can exist right now in the natural environment we have around us. It’s about embracing the possibilities within the natural world to propel us forward.


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The pieces focus on the feeling of freedom and lightness, as there is a different energy to designing a summer collection for Moncler. In summer, the elements we encounter are different — it tends to be protection needed from exposure to elements like the wind and the sun. The collection still comes from a place of functionality and protection, clothing as a tool for us to work in unison with the environment around us.

Green says, ″The starting point for this spring/summer 21 collection for Moncler came from looking at garments for adventure.″

How do you strike the balance between functionality and fashion?

My own label is about the possibilities within different materials, whilst the work I do with Moncler is very much rooted in the brand’s sports heritage and its signature materials and techniques. I have always enjoyed the focus that comes from designing within such a specific framework, I think this is where true innovation can exist. 

Protection and functionality are themes that are always present in my work with Moncler, and in this collection, the pieces have an added lightness to them. We used lightweight ripstop nylon, a fabric woven with strength and longevity in mind. It’s built to last and often used in the construction of tents or kites for this reason. It is about functionality at its most elemental.

Is there any interesting new technology in the fabrics? If not, what are your favorite elements that are already incorporated into the fabrics? 

The collection features a series of zip-up jackets which explore new approaches to padding and lightness. Technical nylon jackets feature integrated panels of horizontal quilting with the lightest possible down fill. The panels are engineered to the body in key protection areas, with the rest of the jacket purposefully left unpadded for ergonomic movement and lightness. Some jackets have padding just over the chest and yoke, while others also have padding along curved sleeves.

We created an interlocking monogram graphic for Moncler that came from symmetrical structures in nature – formations that work continuously in harmony. The monogram pattern is translated within the collection in different ways, either as an intarsia-patchwork made from technical ripstop and applied to the back of lightweight zip-fronted jackets, or as an all-over quilt pattern engineered onto Moncler Longue Saison down-filled outerwear pieces. 

Construction detailing in the collection links back to the idea of adventure and nature. The curved branding patches and color-block paneling featured in the outerwear, take inspiration from the curve on the horizon and the graphic circular shapes of a sunrise. The zig-zag stitching used in the intarsia patchwork pieces takes its inspiration from the stitching traditionally used in the construction of kites.

A bold red look from the collection

The campaign images are striking. Can you tell me about the inspiration behind the creative direction? 

The campaign shoot this season is about working in unison with the elements. It’s about the energy and exhilaration you get from being outside, the possibilities and potential of the natural world, where life began and where we are meant to be.